Radiologist (m/f) for Sweden (Middle)  -  Radiologe / (m/w) für Schweden (Mitte)

Description of work at the clinic


The radiology department belongs to image and functional medicine, Diagnostics Division in our region.


We have round the clock operations but uses remote examination (TMC) from 22:00 to 7:30 every day of the week.


We have 3 MR cameras (Siemens), 3 pcs DT-machines (Toshiba), 5 pcs conventional lab (including a lunglab), 1 st genomlysningslab (Siemens), 1 st Interventional / angiolab (Philips) and 3 ultraljudslab ( 1 pc Philips iU22 and 2 GE LOGIQ E9).


As a doctor of radiology you rotate at different sections set according to your skills. You have also in some sections closely collaboration with both radiographers and assisting nurses.


We make about 90,000 inquiries / year, of which 22000st DT, 6800st 9200st is MRI and ultrasound. About 50% of inquiries are acute and subacute.


We carry a large number of punctures with ultrasound and computed tomography and fluoroscopy. We also carry a large number of contrast ultrasound.


The work also includes round activity in which you are demonstrating images to clinicians and / or for reviewing the second written.


The number of employees, resident physicians, specialists, nurses and other staff?


10 pc resident physicians, specialists 15 st, 36 st radiology nurses, 24 pcs other staff


Plans for the future, for example, if the business will develop in any particular direction, or organizational changes?


We have started with the MRI heart. In cooperation with the cardiologist we also do CT artery. Hopefully we will be able to start with abladering of tumors and metastases in the future.


Job description and location


If / when you are a specialist in radiology in Sweden, you will be employed as specialist doctor. If you have not received your proof Swedish specialisation, you will be hired as a medical assistant till the proof arrives. The employment starts with probation for 6 months, then possibly further fixed-term contract until you have your specialist evidence. When you receive this, you will have the opprtunity to a permanent contract as a specialist in radiology.


The number of residents in the catchment area?


The municipality has about 100 000 inhabitants, the whole district (geography area) about 150 000 inhabitants, the county barely 280 000 inhabitants.


Open positions:    1-2


Education:              Specialist in General Radiology from an EU-contry is a requirement.



Clinical experience, what kind of treatments / patients do you expect the doctor to have experience. Years of experience?


We prefer that you have two years of work experience after your specialist certificate. The most important thing is always your real clinical skill.


Work-permit for Sweden mandatory. In order to get your licence to practice as a EU doctor you need minimum 3 years working experience in the EU.


Working experience in Germany is meritorious



Occurs on-call work? In such cases, how is this organized?


Evening and weekend service provided.


Primary on-call 17:00-22:00 weekdays 9:00-22:00 weekends.


On call 17:00-07:30 weekdays 09:00-09:00 weekends.


TMC examines all the nights 22:00-07:30th



Important personal qualities?


1. Flexibility


2. Motivation to learn and to teach your colleagues


3. You should be easy to work in groups with other doctors and also with other staff.


4. The daily activities often involve patient contact with children and adults but also contact with the clinics, which requires a good attitude and ability to adapt to different people for information and communication.


If you take interest in this vacancy, please send us your updated CV (.doc / .pdf) in English and your Skype ID for the following email:


placement-agency at


mentioning the job reference.


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