General Practioner /Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin (Hausarzt/ -ärztin)


General informations

Sweden generally has team-based primary care facilities with four to six GPs, and other staff categories (district nurses, nurses and often physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and social welfare counselors), is the most common form of primary care practice in Sweden.

A GP has 5 years of training and can expext to start on about 45 000 SEK per month. Once qualified, it goes up to around 65000+ SEK. You will live very comfortably in Sweden with that income.

About the region:

The region and the city I am now looking for general practitioners for is small enough that you can be seen and be able to influence.

At the same time it is big enough to give you the chance to try new tasks, career - and to develop both as a person and in your professional role.

Here are 21 health centers operating in the region directing, some are big, some are small, some are in the city other rural. Today there about 600 employees in primary care.

As a specialist in general medicine, you are offered a wide and varied work with high professionalism and standards. Here you have the opportunity to work independently and in teams.


We are looking for someone who is a specialist in general medicine. 


Work-permit for Sweden mandatory


In order to get your licence to practice as a EU doctor you need minimum 3 years working experience in the EU.


Working experience in Germany is meritorious


We help you and your family with free Swedish language courses, re-location package and everything else that you might need help with.

Job Type:                                                 Permanent

Scope:                                                      Full-time, 40h/week

Salary:                                                      Monthly salary, amount is negotiable

Duration:                                                 Permanent

Working hours:                                      Daytime

Access:                                                     Access by appointment. Duty rate can be discussed.

Number of vacancies:                         10

If you take interest in this vacancy, please send us your updated CV (.doc / .pdf) in English and your Skype ID for the following email:  mentioning the job reference.


No costs, no obligations!