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 - Schneider -

Consulting & Counseling


We are a company located in the center of Germany that is specialized in questions concerning human resources, recruiting and personal career.

We are offering following services:

Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is based on scientific psychological und psychotherapeutic methods. It is a form of psychological assistance and solution-oriented support for people with problems in their current stage of life.

Counseling aims at improving the persons quality of life through uncovering and encouraging mental resources that are already existing and identifying, reducing and overcoming disruptive factors.

Together we will reflect on your individual situation to active available resources to achieve your goals and resolve problematic elements. While doing so, psychological counseling strengthens the individual’s competence to change, improve and overcome stressful situations in life.

A person who knows their potential, competences and goals acts in a confident way and is less insecure about making mistakes. This will help you to independently design your life according to your needs and values.

Your personal information will be kept anonymous while we support you at every stage of your personal development.


Mail to:

Blitzenröder Str. 47

DE - 36341 Lauterbach

(Hesse -Germany)

  • Fon:    +49 6641- 64 03 88

    Mobil:  +49 174 - 596 68 16

    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


– Schneider –
Consulting & Counseling

Owner / CEO: Volker J. Schneider
I / O Psychologist (Licentiate)